Mobile Glass Boards


The double-sided Mobile Glass Board

Hexagon Mobile Magnetic Boards

Our magnetic mobile whiteboards are available in a range of standard sizes and colours. They can be used side by side as room dividers.

  • No visible glass fixings
  • 2 locking wheels and 2 free wheels
  • All Mobile Glass Boards are 1950mm high
  • Fully or partially magnetic glass writing surface
  • Frame is silver anodised
  • Low iron optically clear toughened glass with polished edges
  • Can be used side by side to make a flexible room glass divider wall of any length.
  • Glass to both sides which is available in all standard colours, each side can be a different colour

Standard Mobile Board Sizes

1000mm W x 1200mm H
1200mm W x 1000mm H
1200mm W x 1200mm H
1200mm W x 1800mm H
1500mm W x 1000mm H
1500mm W x 1200mm H
1000mm W x 1800mm H

The Hexagon Mobile Glass Boards, manufactured in the UK from a toughened safety glass, come in landscape or portrait orientation standard sizes. They are a great alternative to traditional whiteboards and a great companion to wall mounted whiteboards. Thanks to their magnetic properties, you can use all available whiteboard accessory such as stick memo notes with power magnets or you can use dry wipe markers to write on the premium glass writing surface.

As an additional feature if put side by side they can become a meeting room separator or a glass divider wall. Standing Glass Boards are ideal for meetings during which people need to work in groups and brainstorm ideas.


To improve your office design you need a comprehensive set of colours to choose from. Check out our colour palette and download PDF, if needed.


We can supply some handy accessories that will compliment your magnetic glass board of choice. Pens, trays, erasers. You name it, we have it.


Can’t decide which board will fit your office room? Check out our Gallery and see how they fit into different spaces, if you need some inspiration.