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Here are our top recommendations for an Office Supplier looking at dry wipe whiteboard manufacturers

Floating Magnetic White Boards

100% British Made

If you are in the market of supplying businesses with office equipment, office accessories and presentation equipment such as magnetic glass dry wipe whiteboards, then you probably know that the right type of office equipment supply is essential to your operation.

Mobile Magnetic White Boards

10+ Years in Trade

Years of supplying office accessory, designing whiteboards wall planners and manufacturing of glass magnetic whiteboards taught us a lesson of investing in companies that have the required customer service focus, trade skill and know-how essential to bringing the best office product to the market and meeting your business customer expectations (or exceeding them!).

Accessories for Magnetic White Boards


As the leading North East glass drywipe boards supplier, we provide a wide variety of customisations and whiteboard accessory such as magnetic eraser, whiteboard cleaning accessory or whiteboard marker board-pens, so you can choose the one that suits your business customer needs best.

Magnetic White Boards

Magnetic Boards

company logo branded magnetic glass boards

Custom Printed

magnetic glass white boards with custom colours

Glass surface

Hidden Fittings White Boards

Hidden fittings

Upgrade your office space with sleek Magnetic Glass Boards from Hexagon. Either classic white, colour or fully branded our mobile or wall mounted glass boards can enhance any working environment.

Office Supply Whiteboard Ordering Process

The last thing that you want to do is end up with incorrect coloured or white boards that have been delivered days after the agreed deadline. Therefore, Hexagon forged the following Office Supply Whiteboard process:

  • Ask for a quote (using our step-by-step Quote Form for Office Equipment Suppliers)
  • Hexagon comes back with an estimate
  • Have a quick chat with us and place an order immediately (if you’ve supplied a phone number this will be easier and quicker)
  • The ETA for the bulk order supply will also get established right there
  • The glass magnetic board shipment will get safely delivered to your destination (if an order is bigger and consist of larger sizes – e.g. whiteboard 1800x1200mm – you may need sufficient office storage)
Hexagon Magnetic Glass Boards manufacturing area

Looking to improve your office space?

Magnetic Glass Board – Design and Manufacturing

Benefits of Supplying Office Equipment with HEXAGON

Your Whiteboard Office equipment supplier – such as Hexagon – will provide you with the latest technology that is on the glass whiteboards supply market today. The goal is to be able to offer you a higher-quality glass notice board with an easy-to-install wall fixing that has been developed by leading companies in the industry. The extra focus may also be placed on a secure and safe shipment packaging and a proper palletising of the white boards.

This approach sets the right expectations and a clear communication path with your contractor, office interior designers and developers you’re working with.

Custom Sizes

Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Boards

Professional Glass magnetic whiteboards can come in many different sizes, colours and with or without added whiteboard accessory (e.g. pen tray). However, the size is by far the main factor that determines the final price of a magnetic board.

Branding & Colouring Options

Glass Magnetic Whiteboards as an Office or Reception Furniture

Hexagon drywipe magnetic boards can be custom printed to include brand designs, logos and guides behind the tempered glass and even with coloured edge whiteboard design. As a stylish design notice board or engaging wall planners, they can take a business space or a conference room to a new level of office interior design form and function.

For the home office as well as commercial business use, the toughened safety glass of our dry erase white boards allow for continuing heavy writing without any interruption, plan and organise business future or simply have it for the best-looking presentation equipment to keep your business customer at awe.

The Top 3 most popular glass dry wipe board sizes are:


Whiteboard 900x600mm


Whiteboard 1200x900mm


Whiteboard 1800x1200mm


Hexagon can tailor your drywipe magnetic glassboards to any size you wish. Also worth noting that all Hexagon glass dry erase whiteboards come without aluminium frame and with hidden wall fixing (incl. coloured edge whiteboard series)


Non standard sizes available


Custom designed


Wide range of colours

Magnetic white boards supply for office developers and commercial space interior designers

Shipping & ETAs

To keep our customer rating high, we always try to exceed shipping and delivery expectations. However, all our boards are designed, manufactured and supplied right from our North Shields glass boards factory, and the ETA are pre-arranged with you so that we can sort our an office storage for the pallet in advance, and meet your end-user deadline requirements.


Hexagon provides full fitting instructions for all wall-mounted glass dry erase whiteboards. Depending on the size ordered (whiteboard 900x600mm and above) you may need a helping hand with wall fixing and handling the glass (note, all our glass drywipe boards come with safety glass and rounded glass corners for extra safety so protective clothing isn’t necessary, although recommended).

Made for life!

With a magnetic glass whiteboard, you’re not just getting a white board – you’re buying an office equipment tool explicitly designed to streamline your work processes. It will also save you on piles of paper, ink and toner refills, or endless ink cartridges or toner cartridges costs. Hexagon’s Magnetic Whiteboards are, in fact, a truly must-have visual accessory that businesses around the world put in their offices and homes to have a versatile project management tool that looks sleek, professional and is safe for the environment. Our boards are easy to install with included pass-through wall-mounting hardware and full instruction.

Whiteboard Accessory

Professional Glass Magnetic Whiteboards with Wall Fixing

When compared to traditional aluminium magnetic whiteboards, Hexagon Glass Boards can use extra-strong power magnets along with a regular skittle magnet pins (for soft play, role-play and sticky note layout). The toughened magnetic glass is also suitable for a variety of other whiteboard accessory such as:

  • non-permanent whiteboard marker or liquid-chalk pens
  • whiteboard cleaning kit (e.g. magnetic eraser)
  • magnetic pen tray (flexibly installed to the bottom frame)

The special cleaning product is not needed as – contrary to a traditional whiteboard – the magnetic glass boards do not smudge or leave coloured shades (although a permanent marker pen might be difficult to dry wipe if used).

Magnetic Glass Boards with custom design by Hexagon for yearly objectives

“Good quality product and excellent service from start to finish. We are so impressed with our new office glass board. Highly recommended!”

Martyn P.

Custom wall-mounted magnetic whiteboards
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